A helicopter ride gives your family an extraordinary and very special experience, especially when it is made as a gift! It always remains as a memorable occasion to the receiver and also the other members of the family who take part in the ride. Other than being an ariel ride, do we have some other aspects of this journey which makes it unique and loveable? Is it affordable to avail helicopter rental services in India? Read on to know more!

helicopter for marriage

Helicopter for wedding

Wedding should be unique and memorable for lifetime for couple , family , relative and for all. Helicopter for marriage makes this happen and make you pride.

helicopter for flower dropping

Flower Dropping

Flower dropping service by helicopter or drone in events, inauguration, marriage or in temple festivals. It makes your event colorful and more prestigious.

helicopter for air ambulance 3

Air Ambulance

Fastest, easiest and safest way to reach your destination at the time of medical urgency by using air ambulance and with our professional team.


Election Campaign

Election campaign or election tour by Helicopter rental in political parties is very common these days. Hire private jet and helicopters for election campaign in India.


Aerial Survey

Aerial survey is a method of collecting geometric or other imagery by using airplanes, helicopters, UAVs, balloons or other aerial methods.


Drone Service

We provides professional drone services for projects around the India requiring aerial photography, videography, mapping & data collection


Char Dham Yatra

Once you book char Dham helicopter services. We provide you best services so that you can enjoy luxury and comfortable travelling.


Badrinath Yatra

Booking helicopter rental for Badrinath online is the best option to make your trip luxurious and stress free. We offer exclusive helicopter services.


Kedarnath Yatra

Booking helicopter for kedarnath online is the best option to make your trip luxurious and stress free. We offer exclusive helicopter services.


Film Shooting

Shoot your film to a new level of creativity and innovation with our professional pilots & flying machines. Ensure you to get the best shots for your production.


Sky-view Joy Ride

Enjoy the sky view from the Helicopter Joyride and experience like never before. Discover most amazing Helicopter rides in India with FAA Aviation India.


Private Charter

Are you looking for a Private Jets or Charter plane then FAA AVIATION can provide you widest choice of luxury private jets at best rate that suits your requirement


You can gift your better half with a romantic helicopter ride to dinner on his/her birthday. You may also love to take him/her to lovely tourist destinations at remote places on your wedding day! It can be a historic city or a spectacular mountainous destination!

Family Time

Family is the most beautiful aspect of life. You can fly with your parents, siblings and children to tourists places both near and far way, at very reasonable helicopter rent price in India. You many also revive the look of your own city by taking a helicopter ride on one fine evening. Just decide the number of members, book your ride accordingly and have a great time!

Religious Trips:

Your parents would always love to visit pilgrimage sites. You can help them by booking a helicopter ride to all the important religious destinations that they would prefer. They would get tired and sick if they would take a train due to long travelling hours. They might also need to hire local cabs and rickshaws to travel to the sites. Give them the comfort of easy and safe journey with an aircraft ride.

Official Tours:

An urgent official tour with your team members is a very crucial cause to book a helicopter trip. You may be tension free of reaching your destination on time. You can prepare well for your meetings and have discussions regarding your plans with your team and start travelling at prompt time and reach punctually at the desired city or country on time! This would really be a gift to yourself and your team!

Wedding Rides

The bride or bridegroom can come to the wedding hall or temple and give a dashing entry. Both of them can also take the first ride together on a helicopter and have a memorable experience! If your wedding is fixed to take place at a far-away place and your whole family needs to attend, you can travel easily to the particular city or country together and can have a hassle-free travelling experience.

Safest Rental Helicopter Rides

We are always ready with the best pilots to help you to enjoy the safest rental helicopter rides! You can choose the aircraft which you like from our various types of helicopters. Our crew will always monitor your flight and you can get in touch with them anytime during your ride. You can take photographs and videos of the beautiful sceneries you watch while you travel in the air!

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