Pre Wedding Shoot on Helicopter

This is the age of photographs and videos and we want all the important momemts of our life to be captured and posted in social medias like facebook and Instagram. Wedding is the most important occasion of your life and the photographs taken during wedding value million dollars. But meeting your better half before marriage is a more special event because you meet with each other as lovers! You can enjoy the most exciting moments if you have your pre-wedding photo shoot in the air by just renting a helicopter!

Plan Your Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

If you wish that your pre-wedding time must bring out the love that you have for each other, you have to plan about it together as a couple. Discuss what your expectations are and which type of locations, poses, dresses, helicopter models and more should be chosen to be incorporated in the helicopter photo shoot.


Ideas of Pre-wedding Photo Shoot

  1. You can propose your love to your better half in the air!
  2. You can go to a nearby park or any other tourist place and enjoy a whole day talking with each other.
  3. You can exchange your engagement rings while you are in the helicopter.
  4. You can look into each other’s eyes and hold your hands and pose in the helicopter which would signify that your marriage is made in heaven!
  5. With the background of the blue sky and white clouds, capture all your intimate moments together.

All these great ideas can be possible by just hiring a helicopter for pre-wedding shoot in Delhi!

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The Special Features Of Helicopter Rides By FAA Aviation India

  • We have chopper varieties such as 2 seaters, 3 seaters, 5 seaters and 6 seaters available.  You can choose the right ones according to your needs.
  • Make the right choice.  Different models of helicopters have different time limits of flight time.  Decide on how much time you would like to travel and then chose the model you like.
  • We offer many options for you. Use these scheduled options to book your trip by which you can reach your destination on time.
  • Hire an expert photographer or videographer who can accompany you to take the photos while riding in the helicopter.
  • We allow you to take both standby shoot and skyride shoot.  You can pose in front of the helicopter when it is in the landed position or when it is flying!

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