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Aviation Course

Aviation course term is a combination of multiple courses eg: Commercial Pilot License (CPL), Private Pilot License (PPL), Recreational Pilot License (RPL), Cabin Crew/Air hostess, Ground Staff (Airport Staff) and there are more courses. All aviation course counselling and guidance you can get from Faa Aviation India. Contact now and talk to professional experienced pilots, air hostesses , instrtuctors and airport executives.

commercial pilot

Pilot Training

Pilot Training can be done from relative flying schools, it means if you need pilot training for Airbus aeroplane then you need to join airbus related flying school, if you need helicopter pilot training then you need to join helicopter pilot training. Importantly if you want to join best flying schools then you need coaching to pass different subjects of entrance tests. We have best Instructors who can teach you your subjects and clear your objectives.

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Helicopter Rental

Helicopter rental term is becoming a popular term on internet because of increasing demand of helicopter for rent services. Buying a helicopter is very costly and maintenance of helicopter is more costlier than buying. If any person or corporate wants to use the facility of helicopter then they prefer helicopter rental services. Now a days most in demand is for business meeting , helicopter for wedding , political tours, skyview ride (Joy ride).

Aviation course - FAA AVIATION INDIA


FLY ABOARD ACADEMY  OF AVIATION INDIA PVT LTD (FAA AVIATION INDIA PVT LTD) aims to provide Aviation course training facilities run by experts, specialists and experienced aviation community to ensure organization have access to ample variety of qualified and competent personnel to figure , manage and maintain current and future industry at international standards. Aviation Course that is provided by FAA is suitable and affordable to students that want to build their career in aviation industry. Aviation industry is the future of transportation industry and it has vast growth and opportunity that best suits to build the career.

Safe and Enjoyable Learning Environment

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